All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Black-hats are way better organized than white-hats. They constantly share tips on how to commit payment-fraud, account-takeovers, spam and abuse attacks. In 2016, a group of white-hats from several prominent companies in Silicon Valley got together to change this and we've not looked back ever since.


Our Mission

Risk Salon is an invite-only forum for folks who work in the risk space that includes fraud, compliance, and trust & safety. Our goal is to get together people from diverse functional areas of risk including: operations, legal, data science, engineering, and product to share stories and anecdotes, to learn from each other, and above all to forge relationships.

We have honest and open discussions on what’s working and what’s not as we build our risk strategies. Organized by employees who work in the risk space at Coinbase, Airbnb, LinkedIn, and Google, this gathering includes participants from across technology companies, and no vendors are invited. As with the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker may be revealed.

Each Risk Salon event is usually limited to 60-70 people from about 25 companies. Diversity of members is one of our primary goals as that brings innovative ideas to the table. Our group is diverse across functional areas (operations, engineering, data science, legal) and our last event included 20% women who work in risk space.

Risk Salon has saved me a ton of research I’d have to do on my own to find the fraud-fighting technologies that actually work
— past attendee


  • Coinbase (host: Soups Ranjan): Apr 7, ‘16
  • Airbnb (host: Nate Kugland):   May 25, ‘16
  • LinkedIn (host: Paul Rockwell): July 27, ‘16
  • Lyft (host: Andreas Zodhiates, Sam King):  Sep 21, ‘16
  • Coinbase (host: Soups Ranjan):  Oct 19, ‘16
  • Dropbox (host: Anton Mityagin):  Jan 25 '17