The Team

We’re volunteers who do risk management in the tech industry. None of us are paid a salary for our work with Risk Salon.


Our Story

In October 2015, Soups Ranjan from Coinbase and Nate Kugland from Airbnb felt that there was something missing for people working in risk in the Bay Area tech industry.


Soups and Nate had recently started working on detecting fraud and managing risk at Coinbase and Airbnb, respectively. They realized both teams were working with similar technologies and data sets and that there was a lot that could be learnt by sharing ideas. Previously, Soups also had been inspired by the enriching conversations he had in an invite-only data science event that centered on small group discussions.

After some planning on how to execute, Soups and Nate held the first invite-only Risk Salon in April 2016 at Coinbase with 24 people from 13 companies. It was a success, so they decided to host the Risk Salon on a regular basis, and added on three new organizers to scale the group. Presently, the Salons are a success month after month, where attendees from across the industry are “impressed with the quality of conversation and openness,” and where it is evidently filling a gap in the industry. If you would like to join in, contact us!