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Deflect Conference

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Deflect Risk Conference

Building a strong risk ecosystem through education and relationships.

The Deflect conference is a full day event for folks who work in the risk space that includes fraud, compliance, and trust & safety. Our goal is to have industry experts speak and share their experience with folks from diverse functional areas of risk including: operations, data science, engineering, and product. The purpose is to share knowledge and expertise as well as to foster relationships between the industry people new or interested in risk.

Similar to our monthly Risk Salon meetings, the conference is going to be organized by and for primary companies only i.e. no vendors. Also, the conference will be held under Chatham house rules so we can share our ideas freely without attribution. We expect up to 200 attendees from companies around the Silicon Valley.


Deflect will be a full-day event with 1 Keynote talk and several talks and panel discussions. The main topics are the following:

  • Financial Crime (fraud case types that’s on the rise & lessons learnt)

  • Investigation War Stories (how to catch a scammer)

  • Compliance 2.0 (automating compliance for the 21st century)

  • Account Takeovers (latest trends with lessons for users and companies)

  • Cyber-Security, Trust and Safety

  • Identity verification (who are you, who who?)

  • Risk Governance and Policy (Fincen, EU privacy laws, GDPR, etc)

  • Risk Management & Organizational Structures

  • Machine Learning and data science in Risk

  • Panel / Tutorial / Workshops on any of the topics above


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Our events are invite-only in order to maintain our primary company and no-vendor policy. We'll review your request and email you a confirmation. Thanks!

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Call for Speakers:

We are actively looking for panelists as well as speakers for talks of either regular duration (30 min) or lightning talks (5 min). We encourage practitioner driven talks that are peppered with details of risk incidents.

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