A conference by Risk Salon

Thursday, May 18, 2017  |  San Francisco, CA
The conference is a full day event for folks who work in the risk space that includes fraud, compliance, and trust & safety. Our goal is to have industry experts speak and share their experience with folks from diverse functional areas of risk including: ops, data science, engineering, and product. The purpose is to share knowledge and expertise as well as to foster relationships between the industry people new or interested in risk/fraud.


The Event

The Speakers



Learn About Risk

Deflect will be a full-day event with 1 Keynote talk and several talks and panel discussions. The main topics are the following:

  • Financial Crime (fraud case types that’s on the rise & lessons learnt)

  • Investigation War Stories (how to catch a scammer)

  • Compliance 2.0 (automating compliance for the 21st century)

  • Account Takeovers (latest trends with lessons for users and companies)

  • Cyber-Security, Trust and Safety

  • Identity verification (who are you, who who?)

  • Risk Governance and Policy (Fincen, EU privacy laws, GDPR, etc)

  • Risk Management & Organizational Structures

  • Machine Learning and data science in Risk

  • Panel / Tutorial / Workshops on any of the topics above

Join in the conversation at Deflect!